IC-705 Opening Picture with Gimp

The IC-705 has an option to store and show a selfmade picture during bootup. However there is two pitfalls you have to care about. Otherwise the picture cannot be read. I created my pictures on Linux with Gimp which is a very handy tool for such tasks.

The first thing to make sure is that the resulution of the picture is exactly 480x272 pixels which is a 16:9 format. Larger pictures or 4:3 pictures may have to be scaled and/or cropped to fit. This is relatively easy achived within Gimp.

Editing an opening picture in Gimp

The little more complicated part is to store the image in the correct format. Basically it is a bitmap file ending in .bmp with 24bit color depth. This is done in Gimp using the “Export as” dialog and selecting the 24bit option in the advanced options. A second requirement is to set the option not to write the color space information under compatibility options. See the following screenshot:

Advanced export options for bmp images in Gimp

This picture can be copied to the folder IC-705/OpeningPicture and then configured in the IC-705’s menu under SD-Card options. The result looks rather nice:

IC-705 with opening picture