How to identify a genuine #MMDVM_HS_Hat

Since DB9MAT an me came up with a selfmade MMDVM_HS board called the MMDVM_HS_Hat there is a number of Chinese copies out there which we belive are bad quality rip-offs. We published our sources under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0) license which explicitely forbids commercial use (unless authorized by us). Of course these Chinese copies are not authorized and thus just a clone of our work.

To help distinguish between an orginal #MMDVM_HS_Hat and a clone have a look at the two pics below. The first one is an original board revision 1.2 manufactured by us. It has the name “MMDVM_HS_Hat” on it in the upper right part. The silkscreen is properly placed and our callsigns are clearly readable. In addition to that there is the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) logo on the lower left.

Genuine MMDVM_HS_Hat

The next picture shows the clone. It is only revision 1.1 and has misplaced silkscreen in the area of our callsings. The OSHW logo was removed as well as the “_HS” suffix on the name. Secondly it seems as if the RF parts are of poor quality. The picture is courtesy of Lindsay, VK2AMV.

The Chinese copy of our MMDVM_HS_Hat

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