HackBert - The Audio Player

A few weeks before christmas we discovered a nice little audio player in a wooden case that is usable for little children [1]. But after reading that it is at 250€ we declined from buying it. Instead we thought about building one by ourselves. This piece was also available as just the PCB for 150€ which is also a little expensive. After searching the net for a while I found a nice do-it-yourself version by Christoph [2]. This one was built with an Arduino and a MP3-shield by Adafruit and therefore predestinated for building a copy.

So I ordered a set of Arduino and a MP3-shield as well as some chunk of electronical components. I also built the wooden case myself a little equal to the original but with a little less design. And in order to get around any possible trouble I call it HackBert. While the wooden case was glueing in the basement I redesigned the source code for the Arduino board a little. The “Forward” button produced strange audio and so I disabled it first of all. I also adapted the adjustable volume range a little. The changes can be seen in my GitHub repo as I uploaded the code there [3].

The code is still under construction as I have some plans what else needs to be changed. But as christmas arrived soon this year we first gave the box to the kids and I will update the code in some nightly hack the other day :)

Some images taken during construction:

The first prototype on a bread board Keyboard layout on a PCB The frame for the wooden case while glueing Prototyping the user interface Sandwich design of keyboard and Arduino PCBs Insight view of the case Power and volume control on top Final layout


[1] https://en.hoerbert.com/
[2] http://chrigas.blogspot.de/p/arduino_13.html
[3] https://github.com/phl0/HackBert