fldigi with non-standard ports

I really like fldigi as software for digital modes on HF. But one thing that can really drive one mad is that the configuration of port (e.g. serial port for PTT) cannot be saved if it is not named like the legacy ports /dev/ttySX oder /dev/ttyUSBX. You would have to reconfigure this every time fldigi starts. A look into the source code shows that the program looks for these standard ports on startup and puts them into the list of usable ports that you can select from the drop down menu in the configuration options.

soundcard interface is a micro KEYER II by microHAM and that emulates serial ports for the use in digital mode software. For linux there is the great mhuxd daemon that acts like the Windows Device Router software. This creates its virtual serial ports in /dev/mhuxd/ and therefore these ports would not show up in fldigi. A quick hack is to add devices in that path to the program in order to let it find these ports. I use /dev/mhuxd/ptt1 as the serial port for PTT and /dev/mhuxd/cat1 for the CI-V control of my radio. So I added two new entries to src/misc/configuration.cxx:

$ diff configuration.cxx configuration.cxx.bak 
<       "/dev/mhuxd/ptt%u",
<       "/dev/mhuxd/cat%u"

This is a diff showing the changes I made. Afterwards I rebuilt the package using dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b and installed the .deb file that was created. Now fldigi shows the two port mentioned above in the configuration tab and they stay saved and are useable after restart of the software.