Disassembly of DMC-TZ22

My Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ22 camera got unusable because a metal part in the SD card slot was deformend. The reason therefore obviously was a not properly attached R/W sliding switch on the side of the memory card. The local dealer abandonned a repair and instead recommended the purchase of a new model.

But as the camera survived a drop from about 1,5m height month ago and it was still working properly I decided to disassemble and repair the SD slot myself. Bending the metal piece with just a screw driver or the like would not work because the slot is too narrow.

So I had to disassemble the whole camera body because the SD slot is the innermost piece of hardware inside the cam. For further details and to be able to re-assemble the device I took some pictures of the assembly. Maybe these are useful for somebody else. The positions of the relevant screws are marked with green circles. These have to be lossened in order to remove the corresponding component. Furthermore clips and cables to remove are marked with green rectangles. Hope this helps …

The body Right hand panel Left hand panel Removing the display Display shield Top panel Top panel removed Optical unit PCB with external connectors Inner metal shield Plastic pod SD card slot PCB removed