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Selfmade ICOM OPC-599

The connection of a soundcard interface to my IC-706 MK2G radio required an adapter that is available from ICOM as OPC-599. That is a simple breakout cable from a 13-pin ACC connector on the IC-706 MK2G to an 8-pin ACC1 and a 7-pin ACC2 connector that are normally used on the larger (stationary) HF transceivers. This original accessorie is available for just 63€. That price forced the decision to make that myself.

The parts (plugs and connectors) could be acquired from a well known electronic bay. I made the cable from 4 separate cables with 4 wires and a shield each because leads with more wires were not available. Soldering the 7-pin and the 8-pin connector was quite easy. The 13-pin ACC plug instead was a little tricky because of that many wires that want to be soldered and additionally there were 4 wires connected in parallel on both ACC connectors. Before closing the connectors’s cases I applied some shrinking hose in order to prevent shorts (There are 13.8V and 8V available on the lines and they usually do not like beeing connected to ground directly).

Please be aware that any modification to your radio may lead to a loss of warranty. Use this information at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage to your equipment.